Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Make-up moments: Whats on my face?

Hello Everyone!

This post is an extension of my GRWM post as I thought here I would go more in depth into what make-up I am wearing at the moment.

1. Sleek Face Form Palette:

I won't bore you by going into this again but I really love it - check out my review

2. Mac 'All that Glitters' eye shadow:

This is a gorgeous eye shadow, one of the first Mac ones I ever brought actually! Mac eyeshadows have a beautiful creamy texture and great pigmentation. It's sort of a champagne gold colour and looks wonderful on its own over the lids. A light wash for a summery, everyday look or, layer the product with a darker brown in the crease for some night-time glamour. 

3. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream:

This was actually my Mum's before I permanently borrowed it. It has a fragrance, which personally I don't mind but I know it isn't for everyone. I really love BB creams, especially in the summer. I figure if your skin doesn't need the coverage, then why not use a lighter coverage and more moisturising product? If I do in fact decide I need some more coverage I just mix a tiny bit of my Loreal True Match foundation in and it seems to do the trick. 

4. No.7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream:

I really like this product underneath my foundation/BB cream. It has a really creamy texture and doesn't sit on the skin looking oily. I'm big on SPF because I have fair skin I don't want it to get sun damaged so I look like a prune by the time I'm 30! But regardless of how fair your skin is an SPF provides protection from harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer. Dramatic I know but i'd rather look youthful than prune like if you don't mind.

5. Bare Minerals Loose Powder Foundation:

After applying my BB cream I like to set it with a powder. When I am using something which such little coverage like a BB cream I like to use a powder with slightly more coverage than just your average translucent powder. I really like how nice this feels on my skin, it barely feels like you're wearing anything!

6. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara:

Again see my review here! 

7. Clinique Chubby Stick in 06 Woppin' Watermelon:

I really like the Clinique Chubby Sticks, I also have Super Strawberry which is a lovely pink/berry shade. If you aren't familiar with them the are velvety, moisturising balms which only have the faintest pigment. I really like them for day-time wearing, something that isn't too glossy or bold. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

OOTD 21/07/2014

Hi Guys! Sorry this post is so late, I've just been really busy. Here is a quick OOTD which I wore to my work experience. 

I really like the 'flowy thing' lol I have no idea what else to call it. It's sort of a kimono but without sleeves so its really cool and breezy.

Shoes: Birkenstocks/ Office
Jeans: H&M
Vest: River Island
Flowy thing: Monki
Bag: Parfois

I picked up this orange bag in Portugal at a bargain price of only £15! Although it isn't real leather it's lasted really well. If you live in Europe or go on holiday there, definitely check it out.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Morning GRWM

Good Morning! I thought I would show you how I get ready and make myself look presentable to the world.

Obviously the first thing to do is to get up which, I'm not going to lie, takes me a rather long time. But when I am finally concious I'll go down stairs and have some breakfast. Typically I like to be as healthy as I can at breakfast and for me I feel so much more positive and awake if I've had a good breakfast. 

No this isn't just a huge bowl of banana buried underneath there is; blueberries, raspberries, passion fruit and an Activia prune yogurt. This sort of breakfast isn't too heavy but still fills you up so it's perfect for a busy day. 

I don't drink normal tea and I rarely drink coffee so I've been really getting into mint tea recently

After finishing my breakfast (and maybe watching a few YouTube videos..) I drag myself back upstairs and jump in the shower. 

In the shower I have really been enjoying using the John Freida range, it just smells so amazing! I've got the. I proceed to wash my body with the balance me shower gel and then wash my face with my Simple cleansing face wash. When I jump out the shower I put some of the John Frieda hair oil on the ends of my hair and I moisturise my face with the Simple moisturiser. I then just let my hair air dry.

For make-up I usually keep it pretty simple. I really like using a BB cream, set in place with my Bare Minerals powder foundation. Just a slick of mascara (I know I said I wasn't keen on this one but I want to use it up). I don't use much blush because I'm naturally quite rosey, then I finish off with a balm or moisturising lip colour.

Look out for my next post going into detail about this make-up and there is an outfit post coming up :)

I hope you enjoyed this. I know its a bit bizarre to see this type of content on a blog and not a YouTube channel but oh well! It's something a bit different.

El x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My TEDx Story

Hi Guys. This is a bit of a different post to something I normally do but I really wanted to share my experience with you, so I hope you enjoy..

After months of preparation, on a Friday afternoon in April, my friend Liviy and I stood up in front of over 200 people a did a presentation which was filmed and put on YouTube. It was one of the craziest things I have ever done, we were absolutely petrified  but the experience was so exhilarating.

L-R, Me and Liviy

Our talk was on 'Femininity and Body Image' which is a pretty tough undertaking given the stigma around the concept of 'Feminism', even at college people would talk to us about it asking 'Are you a feminist?' an innocent enough question but we knew what they were implying. Bra burning, misandrist, you get the jist of the many stereotypes of a feminist. I think its sad that such a strong, empowering movement has got a bad representation purely because of how it has been documented in the media, just take a look at the Suffragettes for example.

Initially Liviy approached me in Autumn of 2013 and asked should we do this. I accepted not really knowing the full extend that I had let myself into. We spend months and months, planning, rehearsing and editing the script which we had to learn by heart. This preparation all came to a head in April..

The talk itself was met with such a positive response, it was pretty overwhelming. Complete strangers and even esteemed teachers were coming up to us telling us how much they had enjoyed our talk and that it had really struck a cord with them. Liviy and I had to take some time out on a climbing frame to remind ourselves that yes we had actually done it!

I honestly couldn't have wished for a better partner. Liviy and I were good friends before but, I really think that this whole process brought us together even more. They say that you regret  what you don't do more than what you do and I couldn't agree more. I don't regret doing the talk despite the stress and nerves and you know what? I am proud of us. Being able to over fear in order to deliver the talk was the most amazing feeling of relief and elation.

The talk sort of speaks for itself with regards to its message, so have a watch and see what you think.


Now I have a question for you, what would you do if you weren't afraid?

El x

Friday, 18 July 2014

No Post Today ..

Hi Guys, sorry for not posting today. I've been doing work experience this week and next week so I'm a bit short of time, But I'll try and post as often as possible :)

Thanks for understanding

El x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

REVIEW: Loreal True Match Foundation

Here is another cult product, Loreal True Match Foundation. This foundation has been causing waves throughout the blogging world due to its huge colour range, something usual in drug store ranges. The foundation is a pump action which when applied sets to a matte, slightly powdery finish that is natural, letting your skin show through, while still providing light coverage that blurs minor blemishes and redness.

Don't get me wrong, for my combination skin the effect is good and may suit others, but for me personally I prefer a more dewy finish and I think that the powdery effect just doesn't look that great on me. I started applying it with my Real Techniques Foundation brush but I then switched to using my fingers in hope of more success but I remained underwhelmed.

(Please excuse the messy lid, things got a bit cray in my make-up bag )

I'm definitely not saying it isn't a good foundation because it most certainly is. One thing I do like about it is its very light finish- it feels like you aren't wearing anything on your skin! I'm just not 'wowed' by its finish on me, personally.  

How do you rate this foundation? Am I the only one who was slightly disappointed?

El x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Travel Diary: Malta

Hello Everyone! I have just come back from going on holiday to Malta with my family and it was amazing. I had never been to Malta before despite being part Maltese, but my Mum and her siblings used to go out all the time so the trip was very nostalgic for them.

The flight time was very quick, less than 3 hours which was good because I loath flying. Malta is so tiny that within about 45 mins you can be at the other side of the island so travelling from the airport was really quick and easy.

There is so much history in Malta, for such a small place nearly every building has some sort of cultural significance. It's also really strange because Malta was once occupied by the British there are lots of British shops out there. For example when we walked into the capital Valletta we just happened to walk past a Marks and Spencer!

Dingli Cliffs

Gozo Caves

We went to lots of churches and did all the usual cultural stuff but we spend a lot of time by the pool because it was just so hot. For those that don't know Malta is actually quite close to North Africa but because it is an island there is a breeze as well- this made it especially pleasant when the temperature reached the late 30s (degrees centigrade). The snorkeling is also fantastic because the water is so clear you can see all the fish and rocks.

Things not to miss:
-If you want to party then Selima is the place to be, not too far from Valetta it is where all the day trip boats leave from and it really is buzzing in the evenings.
-Take a trip to the Blue Lagoon just off the Island of Gozo. It is such a fab snorkeling area.
- In my opinion the best way to see Malta is by sea so I highly recommend a harbour boat trip.
- Medina is a beautiful historical city and is well worth a visit.

-Tarragon, St Pauls Bay- We went there for my mum's birthday meal and honestly the food is some of the best I have ever had.
-La Sfoglia, Valletta- Hands down the best tuna steak I have ever had, again expensive but worth it for a special treat!

I also did a little bit of shopping whilst I was there :) All in all I truly recommend a trip to Malta there is so much to see and the weather is just perfection!

Have you been to Malta before? Where is your favorite place to go on holiday?

El x